[Dotonbori](6 min walk from the hotel)

It was founded by Doton Yasui, the founder of the town, and later flourished as a theater town. The area is crowded with theaters of various sizes and attracts a large number of spectators every day. Dotonbori is decorated with many unique giant billboards, and is also famous as a town of gourmands, with a large concentration of restaurants. The Dotonbori River offers regular sightseeing boat tours, and the area is very popular among foreign visitors.

[Kyocera Dome Osaka]
(17 min from the hotel by train & on foot)

Kyocera Dome Osaka, a modern domed stadium with a maximum capacity of 51,000 people, was completed in 1997.Many professional baseball games and concerts are held here, and the Orix Buffaloes use it as their home base. The venue also has a merchandise store and restaurant, and events such as practice tours are held regularly.

[Osaka Castle Hall]
(28 min from the hotel by train & on foot)

Osaka castle Hall, located in Osaka castle Park, was opened in 1983, with an exterior that was designed to not disrupt the surrounding landscape.
Osaka castle Hall has excellent acoustics and hosts a variety of events such as concerts and lectures. It is well located, only a 5-minute walk from the nearest station, and is visited by many people for every event.

[America Village](11 min walk from the hotel)

Once a quiet warehouse district, it is now a center of youth culture, with some 2,500 stores selling fashion, gourmet foods, and general merchandise.
The retro yet uniquely Osaka atmosphere is appealing, and the area is bustling with people and cars until nighttime. It is a great spot for shopping and eating, with slightly unusual gourmet food that can only be found here.

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