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VISTA Cafe Logo

| Buffet to enjoy “Fermented Healthy Food” |

A colorful buffet breakfast based on the theme of "Fermented Healthy Food" is served.
The buffet includes a variety of healthy dishes such as "possum" and "yangnyeom chicken" that make use of fermented foods such as samjang, gochujang, and kimchi, as well as other Korean dishes loved in Japan.
Please enjoy a breakfast that is gentle to the body and satisfying to the soul through the power of fermentation.

We also recommend the live kitchen with chef service, offering daily specialties of Osaka (fried skewers and takoyaki) and warm dishes.

Regular Menu

| Homemade Banchan (side dish) |

The restaurant offers a variety of fermented side dishes called "banchan," which are a taste of Korean home cooking, as well as various kinds of namul and homemade kimchi with rich flavors and concentrated nutrients produced by fermentation.

The photo shows rice from the buffet with a fried egg from the live kitchen, arranged as bibimbap.

| Steamed Pork and Vegetables |

Steamed possum (Korean dish using pork, such as steamed pork and pig's feet) and hot vegetables are served.

Choose your favorite dish from a selection of visually pleasing seiro. By the flavors of samjang and ponzu with fresh green onions and chisha as accents for garnish, it is a healthy and light meal.

| Daily Special Salad |

A total of five different salads are offered daily specials, including mixlettuce and tomato, bacon & egg salad, bang bang chicken salad, broccoli & tuna salad, onion salad, seaweed & potherb mustard salad, and potato salad.

Our hotel offer a variety of special dressings including "Senshu Eating Onion Dressing" with the sweetness and richness of onions, "Kimchi Ponzu Dressing" with the aroma and spiciness of yuzu (citrus fruit), and other special dressings.

| Bread & Dipping Sauce |

Several varieties are also offered daily specials, from pain au chocolat, white bread, rolls, buckets, pancakes, waffles, and freshly baked croissants.

Choose from a wide variety of dipping sauces (egg spread, tuna garlic, cheese in olive oil, peanut butter, etc.).

| Handmade Pudding & Dessert |

Our hotel offer a variety of desserts in many genres, including pudding, chocolate mousse cake, warabimochi, milk kuzumochi, and daifuku.
The homemade pudding with a rich texture is especially popular.

Recommended Menu (Daily Special)

| Fried Skewers |

Crispy batter and juicy ingredients are deep-fried with care so that you can feel the satisfaction and flavor of the ingredients.

Enjoy the rich taste of Osaka's flavors as they are, giving you vitality in the morning.

| Soybean Meat Vegetable Curry |

Our hotel's special soybean meat curry and dry curry, also made with soybean meat, are served daily specials.

The photo shows a curry with served on fried skewers, arranged in the style of curry with pork cutlets. Enjoy the spice and flavor of curry and the crispy texture of fried skewers while having a healthy and satisfying breakfast time.

| Takoyaki |

Along with fried skewers, takoyaki, a delicacy of Osaka, is also offered on the daily specials menu.

Enjoy the crispy outside and thick inside texture with your favorite toppings and sauces, including a Japanese fermented food bonito flakes.

| Osaka Vegetable Salt Fried Noodles |

The buffet's popular noodle menu uses a variety of Osaka-grown vegetables.

In addition to the salted yakisoba in the photo, our hotel offer daily specials such as yakisoba with sauce, cream pasta, and tomato pasta with soybean meat. Please enjoy it with healthy and fresh local ingredients.

| Japanese fried chicken |

This is also a popular menu item at the buffet.
The young chicken meat is carefully finished by unraveling the fibers so that the batter is crispy and the meat is soft and melts in the mouth.

The daily specials include yangnyom chicken, bulgogi, teriyaki chicken, and stir-fried pork kimchi.

| Spinach and Bacon Quiche |

The sweetness of the eggs, the saltiness of the bacon, and the fresh flavor of the spinach are well balanced in this dish.

Enjoy the texture of the quiche dough and the juicy filling as well.

Live Kitchen

| French Toast (Weekend only) |

Our hotel offer a live kitchen with chef service.

The menu changes daily specials and includes omelets, fried eggs, and sunny side up. The photo shows a weekend-only French toast, arranged with ingredients from the buffet.
Enjoy the taste of freshly prepared food.

| Chef Service Sub Menu |

Mushroom porridge, egg porridge, bite-sized pancakes, and chumoppa (Korean-style rice balls) are available.

If you have eaten a lot and need just one more bite, or if you had too much last night and just want to have a little something in your mouth, please try this.

「The Golden Tigers」

| Mural art by painting artist "Ki-Yan" |

In the sofa seat area in the back, there is a mural art "The Golden Tigers" by Mr. Hideki Kimura, a painting artist "Ki-Yan".

This work, created in the image of the fukuko of Osaka Castle, is full of gorgeous and powerful energy and has become a symbol of our hotel. In addition, there are artworks by him throughout the hotel.

Restaurant Information

VenueThe Second floor of the hotel [VISTA Cafe]
Opening Hours6:30〜10:00(Last entry 9:30)
MenuBuffet to enjoy “Fermented Healthy Food”
Price1,980 JPY per adult (Including tax)
990 JPY per child (age 6-12; including tax)
free for child (under age 5)

An open lounge with tables and chairs made of "Karimoku Furniture", which has excellent practicality and design.
From the large windows, you can enjoy the cityscape of Sakaisuji in the morning.
Start your day with a relaxing time at Vista Cafe.